What We Do | Integrated Tax Planning

Strategic, integrated tax planning

Financial planning without tax planning simply isn’t good enough. You deserve both.

We're not just here to help you look for deductions at the end of the year.

Proactive tax planning is a year-round thing and tax ramifications are an ever-present component of true financial planning.

Fully Integrated

Tax Planning as part of a larger investment and wealth management strategy

Pure and simple, effective tax strategy is an integral part of wealth management and the allocation of investments that come with that.

There are fantastic CPA’s and other tax advisors in The Bay Area and beyond, but the value of working with Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners is our ability to pull the pieces together efficiently as we develop and refine your financial roadmap – Allowing us to compliment one with the other and more effectively minimize your tax liabilities as a result.

Key Benefits:

Optimize investment and withdrawal schedules to maximize your money now and pay less in taxes later

Grow & maintain your assets in the most efficient way possible

Reduce estate, gift & other taxes during wealth transfers

Avoid unnecessary fees & penalties

No missed opportunities

Constant monitoring of tax changes and their impact on your financial plan

With on-site tax expertise, provided by our sister company Summit Tax Planning (formerly known as Data Count Tax), when we say we offer tax planning we mean it. We have a former Tax Director from Ernst & Young who is part of the Summit Team and is here to help our clients make the most of their tax situation.

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