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Investment Guidance & Portfolio Management

Local investment guidance & portfolio management

- Backed by the security & flexibility of Charles Schwab

Investment Management

We help folks like you grow and protect their assets through carefully selected investment strategies

Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners has been providing successful local families with investment advice for over 30 years. And today our firm manages or advises on over $400,000,000 through our independent custodian, Charles Schwab Institutional.

Our investment management solutions are designed to make Wall Street both understandable and accessible to our clients, paired with the expertise and local guidance to help you through different market conditions.

Your Portfolio

We custom develop those strategies based on your personal financial scenario

We’re financial advisors and wealth managers – Fiduciaries whose mission is to understand your unique financial position & long-term goals and provide encompassing solutions to get you from point A to point B – Whatever we determine those points to be together.

Once we’ve gained a clear understanding of your goals, we’ll make recommendations on investment strategies to help you achieve those goals.

Custodial Accounts

Local Expertise Backed by Charles Schwab Security

Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners partners with Charles Schwab as the custodial account holder for all assets under our management.  This provides a couple of distinct benefits:

The security of having your assets held by one of the most respected trading account providers in the industry

Access to Charles Schwab's extensive offering of investment tools & financial products

The Big Picture

Investment Management & Our Value to You As Danville Financial Advisors

When you hire us to manage your nest egg, we will start by first understanding your entire financial picture, including your tax situation. We will then build you a portfolio based on your cash flow needs, time horizon, and risk comfort level.

Our job is to build a portfolio for you that will allow you to accomplish your financial goals and still sleep at night.

We are big believers in concepts like asset allocation, rebalancing, and tax-efficient investing. If these sound familiar, that’s because they work, but only if you have the guidance to get started and the discipline to stay invested.

We can help with both.

The future is not something that just happens.

It is something you create.

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