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Estate Planning & Family Wealth

We help families plan for and implement multi-generational wealth strategies

We work with a significant number of families whose wealth is going to outlive them.

We take great pride in the fact that these families trust us to act as the architect - designing their wealth transfer plans and then working with their CPAs and Attorneys to execute the game plan.

Truly Local Expertise

Over 30 years helping Danville families navigate multi-generational wealth

There are a lot of great wealth management firms in The San Francisco Bay Area, many of which focus on this wealth transfer segment of financial planning.  What we hear from the clients who have chosen Summit to help them with their multi-generational wealth is that they value:

We're local. Down the street local.

This means we can meet face to face with our clients, as often as needed for them to be comfortable with their all of their options

We're a 30 year old firm, yet young enough to be here when their kids need us

Though our firm has been around a long time, our current Principals are fairly young and will be around in another 30 years when this wealth actually transfers to the next generation

We Offer Family-focused Financial Literacy Training

We offer financial literacy training & coaching for our client’s teen & adult children. Without revealing any actual inheritance expectations, we believe training these folks on financial concepts in general will best prepare them for what’s to come

Did you know?

On average, roughly 70% of family wealth is lost by the end of the 2nd generation and nearly 90% by the third

Start by Gaining Clarity

Build a plan based on your priorities, both financial & emotional

We find that most of our clients have a general sense that they want to pass wealth on to future generations, but there isn’t clarity on what that looks like. You’re likely somewhat familiar with components of a wealth transfer like trusts, wills, estates and more, but before we get there, we want a broader understanding of what makes you tick. Perhaps philosophically, what do you want to pass down to your heirs beyond X amount of dollars?

As part of the planning process, our goal is to help you clarify for yourself, what your priorities, goals and multi-generational objectives are. That clarity is instrumental in identifying and implementing YOUR plan and the required administrative work to put it in action.

Is there enough money to go around?

Will your children and grandchildren develop an “entitlement mentality”?

Will your children and grandchildren blow their inheritance?

Will this create infighting within the family?

What if a plan created now limits their family’s ability to adapt to new circumstances?

Build & Implement the Plan

Estate & Tax Planning that addresses those priorities and concerns

At the end of the day, your transferable wealth is going to family & friends, charity and/or the IRS.  As your financial advisors, our job is to ensure that process is handled correctly, maximizing the long-term benefit to your heirs & charitable recipients and minimizing the cost of making that happen.

Our objectives:

Minimize what the IRS takes

We integrate tax planning with everything we do, ensuring we've positioned your plan to minimize the impact of the IRS on the estate you'll be passing to your heirs.

Develop an effective and clear estate plan

Partnering with you and your estate attorney, we work to ensure your financial wishes are met and most effectively implemented to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, delays and costs.

Position your family for long-term success

Living Trusts, discretionary trusts and more - Creating the framework for your heirs to receive in a way that aligns with your wishes and creates the roadmap for ensuring your wealth is correctly handled across multiple generations.

Maximize Charitable Impact

Whether you have specific charities in mind or simply a general cause you believe in, we're here to help craft a plan that maximizes the impact your giving will have on those recipients.

Communicating your legacy

Facilitating "the money talk" between multiple generations

While effective tax and estate planning are crucial to maximizing the amount of transferable wealth and ensuring that process runs smoothly at the time of transfer, ensuring that wealth is able to benefit future generations is deeply rooted in developing effective communication with your heirs.

Summit Wealth will help you address your concerns, develop a plan that matches your scenario and then provide the tools to effectively communicate that plan to those that will benefit.

Help organizing and articulating the big picture

Specific breakdowns of the structure and documents in place and why they were chosen

Did you know?

Summit Wealth offers financial literacy training & coaching for our client’s teen & adult children. Without revealing any actual inheritance expectations, we believe training your young family on financial concepts will help prepare them for life’s money questions and specifically, what’s to come with your family’s financial plan.

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