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Charitable Planning

Maximizing your impact, minimizing your tax liabilities and just doing good things

We help people find impactful ways to give to the causes that are meaningful to them.

And do so as efficiently & effectively as possible.

Whatever your cause

Charitable giving is about so much more than taxes

We felt it’s important to make that distinction.  Yes, integrating charitable giving with your overall financial strategy is a sound decision from a tax perspective.  However, if you’re in the position to make a contribution to causes that you’re passionate about, we’re in the position to help you make the biggest impact possible, regardless of the tax implications.

How we can often help:

Help identifying well-managed charities and the most efficient ways to contribute

Help creating Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) as a customizable giving tool

Help creating endowments, scholarships & other educational or arts-based giving vehicles

But of course...

We'll assume the IRS is NOT your charitable cause and plan accordingly

By incorporating your philanthropy as part of your overall financial strategy, we have the opportunity to proactively assess, plan for and execute that charitable giving in a way that allows you to funnel more of your wealth into these causes instead of tax liabilities.

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