Summit Wealth Financial Transition Planning Program

  • Going through a major life transition such as death of a spouse or divorce
  • A complete review of their finances and taxes in the new environment they find themselves dealing with
  • Help with all financial & many life decisions that need to be made over the next 18-24 months. At that point the client becomes an investment and retirement planning client.
  • Providing Trusted Advice in a time of great need is the focus

Case Study - Nancy

  • Nancy is feeling anxious. She recently lost her husband, Rick, after a 3 year battle with cancer and she is feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the decisions she needs to make.
  • Rick was Nancy’s financial rock – while she managed the household he managed the finances. Investments, retirement plans, taxes, these were all handled by Rick.
  • Now Nancy is trying to get up to speed on all of these things, but quite frankly this isn’t what she enjoys spending her time on.
  • Nancy is a grandmother and dedicates 2 days a week to watching her grandkids.
  • Nancy wants an independent financial advisor who will, in a fiduciary capacity, take care of all of this for her.
  • Nancy likes the idea of having the same firm manage her money and do her tax returns every year, and wants them to coordinate these things so she can enjoy her retirement and feel secure about her money.
  • The initial fee for the Financial Transition Planning program ranges from $3,000 to $6,000, depending upon how complex a person’s financial situation is.
  • A typical client in this program will have around $1M of investable assets which the firm will help manage through their independent custodian, Charles Schwab.
  • And as long as they maintain at least $500,000 in managed assets with the firm, Summit will waive the any planning fees in years 2 and beyond