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Young families whose finances are getting more complex

– Meet Cody & Tracy:  They make enough money that they should feel comfortable, but they don’t.

A Common Client Snapshot

Summit Wealth’s Smart Moves Program

  • Typical client is a couple in their 30s or 40s (more than 15 years from retirement)
  • Lots of decisions to make, especially around competing resources (retirement vs. college vs. debt pay-down)
  • Retirement projections, 401K review and recommended allocations, 5 year cash flow model, debt review, college savings plan, basic estate planning
  • Wealth Accumulation is the focus
Young California family looking for financial advisor

Cody & Tracy

  • Cody & Tracy want a 20 year game plan for their finances. Cody is in software sales and Tracy is an attorney. Their combined income is high enough that they should feel financially secure, but they don’t. Between saving for college, saving for retirement, child care, after school activities, fixing up the house, and taxes, they always seem to wonder where it all goes.
  • Cody & Tracy are coming up on their 40th birthday and have decided now is the time to design & implement a 20 year plan that covers college for the kids and retirement for them. They want something they can set up now, fund each month, and let someone else worry about the details.
  • Cody & Tracy could benefit from Summit’s Smart Moves Program. This program will address of these concerns and more as it also includes a review & strategy plan around tax planning, estate planning, and risk management.
  • The initial fee for the Summit’s Smart Moves Program program ranges from $2,500 to $4,000, depending upon how complex a person’s financial situation is.
  • A typical client in this program will have around $250K of investable assets which the firm will help manage through their independent custodian, Charles Schwab.
  • And as long as they maintain at least $200,000 in managed assets with the firm, Summit will reduce the Summit’s Smart Moves Program planning fee in years 2 and beyond.
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